Because We Do Recycle Project: A Successful Cross-Country Collaboration

Because We Do Recycle Project: A Successful Cross-Country Collaboration

In an effort to promote environmentally responsible practices, CSR Malta Association recently completed a project called “Because We Do Recycle.” The project brought together four groups of young people from different countries who spent five days in Malta learning about the collection and processing of recyclable materials. They compared and analyzed the different recycling systems in their home countries with that of Malta to suggest further improvements. In this article, we will delve into the details of this impactful project and its outcomes.

Four groups of young people gathered in Malta for 5 days to learn about recyclable materials collection in each country. They aimed to understand the recyclable system in the country, all its benefits, and challenges, and compare it with other countries to analyze the informational, organizational, technical, and cultural differences, and suggest further improvements.

During their time in Malta, the young participants presented the existing system in their respective countries and visited the Maltese authority responsible for the collection and processing plant. They also talked to the Local Enforcement System Agency (LESA) and visited a local school to learn what the young generation is raised to. The group also collected recyclables from a selected public place (park, beach, streets) in Msida and analyzed the results to make suggestions on how to improve the system. Finally, they met the local council in Msida to present their analysis.

The young participants were well-prepared for the project. They were already familiar with the recycling scheme in their region and country and were able to present and discuss it and see the pros and cons of their regional/national system. They compared the rules and real situations of the countries and learned from each other’s experiences.

The project addressed three relevant topics: Youth participation and policy, social/environmental responsibility of educational institutions, and environment and climate change. Through this project, the participants were able to critically compare the state of recycling between their native country, other countries of the participants, and Malta. They analyzed the amount of difference between what is desired and what is the actual situation and were able to approach the local authorities in their respective countries to come up with some improvements.

The Because We Do Recycle Project was a successful cross-country collaboration that resulted in new ideas and improvements in the recycling system. By confronting young minds with established systems, the project tested their creativity and provided them with the opportunity to make a positive impact on their respective countries. The project also aimed to address the inactivity of most of the population and encouraged interaction with the young group that was willing to improve the system.

Because We Do Recycle Project was a valuable learning experience for the young participants and a successful initiative toward a cleaner and more sustainable future.