Busy beekeepers

A 5-day youth exchange project that is organized in a form of workshops in Malta for youths from various countries interested in beekeeping.

Project mission

We want to raise awareness about the importance of beekeeping among the youth and the general public.

Why are we doing this?

Beekeeping in Malta has a long history. We want to reflect the history but see the presence

Our goal

The goal is to make participants aware of the importance of beekeeping for our lives and our planet.

18. - 22. April 2021 in Malta

Activities that took place

During the 5-day event volunteers experienced a wide range of activities such are these:

Countries, that have taken place in this project

Did you know that ... 🤔

Beekeeping in Malta has a long history. The Greeks called the island Melite (Μελίτη) which derives
from the Greek word meli (μέλι) that means honey. This name was also used under the Romans and was
changed during the Arab rule to Malta.

Big thank you goes to our partners