With a group of young volunteers we collect, sort out, and distribute second-hand clothes to vulnerable people in need.

What are we doing?

We collect used clothes, shoes, and toys in good condition and give them back to the local community in need, mainly elderly people in care homes, children in orphanages and homeless people in shelters.

Project mission

We focus on bringing clothes to those who are in the greatest need. This mainly includes mothers and children escaping from domestic violence, children in orphanages, adults in migration centres and the elderly in care homes


The project is planned to run (at least) from January 2021 till January 2022.

How does the project work?

We pick up the clothes and other items ourselves, meet the donors in person, explain the project in detail and assure them that their clothes will be given to those in Malta.

We sort out and wash the clothes, store the clothes in a clean and well aired storage and distribute it.

The receivers are mainly elderly people in care homes, children in orphanages and young families in need.

Clothes sharing is community caring

How can you help?

Since we are depending solely on donations, we would greatly appreciate your help


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Are you a person in need of help?

This project is run on a demand-supply basis, which means
we only collect what has been demanded beforehand. 
Thus we won’t be taking any room from the shelters’ already
very limited storage spaceand deliver exactly what’s needed.

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