CSR Malta Association Management Meeting Bledned With Picniq

CSR Malta Association Management Meeting Bledned With Picniq

In today’s fast-paced world, it is crucial to find ways to blend work responsibilities with relaxation and rejuvenation. That’s precisely what we achieved during our recent CSR Management Meeting, where we organized our customary gathering alongside a picnic set amidst the breathtaking natural surroundings of Ghadira Bay. Thanks to the assistance of Choetech outdoor solar-powered chargers and the charging station we streamlined the organization process and effectively utilized our time spent outside the office.

Project Coordinator Lucie Sedlackova emphasized the transformative power of regular outdoor meetings, which have become a remarkable creative workspace accessible to all. Utilizing modern technology, the project has successfully eliminated the barriers that once hindered this innovative approach. These outdoor gatherings, resembling picnics, are organized by one of our members, fostering active participation and camaraderie among the group. With the breathtaking natural surroundings as our backdrop, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the next idyllic location for our gatherings. The limitless possibilities inspire us to create and collaborate in a setting that truly nourishes our creativity and promotes a sense of freedom.

Ghadira Bay, with its picturesque beaches and charming environment, provided an ideal location for such a meeting. The objective of our gathering was to discuss the current status of ongoing projects like “Clothing for All” and “Mosaic Magic” review the accomplished results, and plan the subsequent steps. Furthermore, we deliberated on newly established collaborations, including partnerships with Hamrun Hanin, Choetech, and SmartHead. We strategized future actions, schedules, and goals, and allocated tasks among team members. The combination of a working meeting and a relaxed picnic setting fostered a serene and creative environment for discussions.

The picnic format of the meeting was enhanced by employing products of our corporate partner Choetech, which enabled us to work efficiently while addressing our contemporary technological requirements. We utilized the solar charger and the charging station, facilitating the charging of smartphones, laptops, and other devices. This convenience further boosted our productivity.

The picnic-style CSR Management Meeting was immensely successful, cultivating an unconventional yet pleasant atmosphere conducive to constructive work. We intend to continue organizing our future work meetings in this format, cherishing the blend of a relaxed ambiance and productive engagement.

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