Farm in Siggiewi

A brand new project where we are, with the help of our volunteers, developing and transforming a lovely space on the outskirts of Siggiewi.

Project mission

Our mission is to develop this farm into a beautiful space for learning and relaxing.

Why are doing this?

We select volunteering activities that address the shortcomings and can improve the quality of life. Farm in Siggiewi is one of the projects doing just that.

Our goal

We want to motivate people to return to their roots and to mother nature, to learn how to work with her and not against her.

Current progress
Creating a kitchen 100%
Planting olive trees 90%
Making the farm more accessible 70%
Building a toilet 80%
Look at our farm

Are you interested in
being part of this project?

We are always thankful for a donation of recycled materials – whether it’s a wooden pallet 
you don’t need anymore or something else.