Hamrun Hanin and CSR Malta Association Sign Cooperation Agreement to Enhance Community Engagement

Hamrun Hanin and CSR Malta Association Sign Cooperation Agreement to Enhance Community Engagement

We are thrilled to announce the signing of a cooperation agreement with leading non-profit organization Hamrun Hanin on Wednesday, July 5, 2023. Hamrun Hanin specializes in promoting sport and active life style and community engagement. This significant milestone marks the beginning of a collaborative partnership aimed at organising community events and implementing EU-funded projects to foster positive change.

Under this agreement, both our organisations will pool their resources, expertise, human capital and knowledge to maximize our collective impact on the community. Our NGOs share a common vision, and this synergistic alliance will undoubtedly elevate our efforts in creating a positive impact and supporting communities.

Ian Debattista, the Chairman of Hamrun Hanin commented on signing of the agreement: “We are very happy that we will work hand in hand with CSR Malta Association. This partnership will strengthen our efforts in favor of a more inclusive society through the power of sport. We believe that by combining our skills together, we can make a greater impact on the lives of individuals in our community”.

It is important to highlight that Hamrun Hanin and CSR Malta Association have previously collaborated on several successful events, demonstrating our ability to work together effectively. Building on this foundation, we aim to expand our joint initiatives, taking the community engagement endeavors to new heights.

Our shared values and commitment to community development make this partnership a natural fit. Together, we aspire to implement EU-funded projects and organise community events that will enhance the well-being and prosperity of our local communities.

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