Malta for Ukrainians

The main supported activities will be personalised assisted help in getting the necessary documentation related to the residency status, relocation, accommodation, schooling for children, further education, employment and preparation for a qualified job given most Ukrainian refugees have university degrees. They may also need English courses and learn the culture and their role in the society.

Project mission

It is a simple word: HUMANITY. The Russian aggression in Ukraine caused millions of people to lose their homes and run for shelter. They need help and support. It is, above all, a priority we have as a volunteering organisation.

Why are doing this?

Many refugees are coming to Malta with a strong possibility of many more to come. We are finding extra energy and individual abilities to share. And this is the right cause to follow!

Our goal

Our goal is to raise funds and use these funds towards the selected activities that require direct costs. The help toward Ukrainian refugees is focused toward their INTEGRATION THROUGH THE SOLIDARITY.

Are you interested in
being part of this project?

In order to finance this activity, we are creating a dedicated fund on the Gogetfunding platform. The initiative of founder and curator Stephanie Mizzi to organize a charitable exhibiton of visual art called ARTISTS FOR UKRAINE is interconnected to this fund and all the proceeds will go towards this initiative. We are always thankful for a donation.