Busy Bee

  • Project: Busy Bee
  • Location: Malta
  • Category: Environment
  • Status: Completed

Busy Bee Keepers is a completed Youth Exchange project that took place from 1st April 2020 to 30th September 2021. The project aimed to connect youth interested in beekeeping across Europe and raise awareness about the importance of beekeeping among young people. The project involved cooperation with organizations from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Lithuania, and was designed to address the lack of interest in beekeeping among youths.

Project Overview

Beekeeping holds a significant historical and cultural significance in Malta, dating back to ancient times. The project sought to reflect on this rich history while focusing on the present by organizing a workshop in Malta for youths from different countries involved in beekeeping. The main objective was to foster networking among youth organizations and individuals engaged in beekeeping, raise awareness about the importance of beekeeping, share good practices, and inspire participants to continue or start their beekeeping activities.

What were the objectives of the Busy Bee project?

  • Support networking among youth organizations and individuals involved in beekeeping.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of beekeeping among young people and the general public.
  • Promote knowledge sharing and exchange of good practices in different types of beekeeping.
  • Increase participants’ interest in pursuing beekeeping activities and explore learning and entrepreneurial opportunities in the field.

Outcome & Results

The project successfully connected youth from diverse backgrounds and communities, including those facing fewer opportunities. Participants had the chance to share their knowledge and regional specialties related to beekeeping, visit local beekeepers, learn about honey distribution, and explore laboratories and other relevant facilities. The multicultural team created an international atmosphere, fostering a rich exchange of methods, cultures, and experiences. As a tangible outcome, an online material summarizing beekeeping in partner countries and the participants’ experiences was created.

The project specifically catered to participants from economically or socially weaker groups, including those facing geographical disadvantages and limited access to opportunities. The project aimed to provide them with new experiences, foreign language practice, and exposure to different cultures. The unique circumstances of each participating country, such as Malta being an enclosed island and Lithuania facing challenges related to opportunities and employment, were taken into account during the project design and implementation.

Through Busy Bee Keepers, the project organizers aspired to create a long-term impact by continuing the project’s objectives beyond its completion. By nurturing the passion for beekeeping and building on the connections established during the project, the aim was to sustain and further develop beekeeping initiatives in partner countries.