Freediving To The Silence

  • Project: Freediving To The Silence
  • Location: Malta
  • Category: Environment
  • Status : Completed

The project aims to promote inclusion and communication for people with hearing impairments through freediving, a natural way to explore the underwater world. By teaching young people new ways to communicate with individuals who are hearing impaired and providing them with the opportunity to experience underwater exploration in a safe and accessible manner, the project seeks to foster equality, promote environmental protection, and enhance mental well-being.

Project Overview

Malta, known for its beautiful coastline, serves as the backdrop for this project that combines freediving and inclusive communication. The project targets individuals with hearing impairments, with the objective of teaching them the principles of equality and inclusion, while also introducing them to the joys of underwater exploration. Certified freediving instructors will provide guidance, while sign language interpreters will facilitate communication between participants.

What were the objectives of the Freediving into the Silence project?

  • Promote inclusion and equality by teaching young people new ways to communicate with individuals with hearing impairments.
  • Provide people with hearing impairments the opportunity to experience underwater exploration through freediving, promoting their participation and enjoyment of the natural environment.
  • Raise awareness about ocean and environmental protection by immersing participants in the underwater world and instilling a sense of responsibility for its preservation.
  • Enhance mental well-being by incorporating mental training and breathing exercises through freediving, improving resistance to stress and promoting overall mental stability and health.

Outcome & Results

The project aims to make a lasting impact through media reports, newspaper coverage, website presentations, follow-up meetings, and subsequent projects. By sharing the experiences and outcomes of the project, the Maltese organization and participating organizations in respective regions will influence their communities positively. The project will serve as a catalyst for further improvements in approaching people with disabilities, fostering inclusion, and implementing new experiences in participants’ home countries. The project’s success will be measured by the participants’ improved knowledge of safe freediving practices, environmentally friendly behavior underwater, and their ability to approach individuals with disabilities in a respectful and inclusive manner.