Recycled gardens

A community driven project consisting of many small garden’s creations throughout Malta, combining vegetation with recycled materials.

Project mission

Our mission is not to change the world but plant the change into everybody's mind. Show people ideas how they can also reuse, recycle, reduce, restore waste at their homes or donate.

Why are we doing this?

In our association, we select volunteering activities that address the shortcomings and can improve the quality of life. Recycled Garden is one of the projects doing just that.

Our goal

We would like to motivate people to slow down, relax, take a photo, think, or just enjoy something different...

Final touch ups

Our first Recycled Garden is in the books and we are ready for another one

After acquiring all the materials needed, out of which most were donated, we managed to create our first Recycled Garden in Msida.

Our team of volunteers built all you can see in the picture above. All the tables, benches, and even bins were made from discarded pallets and new flower pots from old tyres, which found their new purpose in our Recycled Garden.

Current progress
First Recycled Garden in Msida 100%
Second Recycled Garden in Msida 100%
Recycled Garden in Pembroke 32%
Recycled Garden in MCAST 26%
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Are you interested in
taking part at this project?

We appreciate any kind of donation of the recycled materials – whether it’s a wooden pallets,
old tyres, anymore not usufull furniture, broken flower pots and vegetation as soil, flower seeds, flowers…

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