We Do Care about Recyclables

Four groups of young people from different countries got together online for five days to learn about recyclable materials collection in each country.

Project mission

Exchange of information on local recycling systems and creating solutions.

Why did we create this project?

We wanted to inspire youngesters from different countries to try and think complexely about recycling problems of this age.

Our goal

The output of the project was set of specific recommendations to improve recycling in Malta.

csr malta we do care about recycling
4. - 8. May 2021 online

Activities that took place

During the 5-day event volunteers got to experience a wide range of activities, such as these:

We created a game about recycling!

As a part of a program about recycling in Malta we have also prepared a game for participants of the project. The game is hosted on the SEPPO platform.

Point of the game is to provide insights into recycling and also the Maltese culture in an engaging and interactive way.

Countries, that have taken place in this project
Big thank you goes to our partners